6 ways to elevate your indoor cycling studio to the next level

If you feel your indoor cycling studio could use a boost, whether you’re thinking of upgrading your indoor cycling bikes or revamping your classes, we’ve put together six of the best ways to elevate your studio to the next level.  

Create a thriving spin community  

Community building is essential for retaining loyal attendees, who keep coming back for more. It’s down to human nature, really. We tend to gravitate towards a sense of belonging and being part of something bigger- and building a supportive and engaged community can create this feeling in your members.   

How will this take your indoor cycling studio to the next level? Your studio shouldn’t just be about indoor cycling bikes, instead you should look to foster a culture of positivity in terms of health and wellbeing- both mental and physical. Creating an experience that goes beyond your classes allows your studio to offer more than just a way to get fitter, instead you build an experience that adds more value to your attendee’s lives.   

Within your communities, natural brand advocates will form, meaning they’ll attract more people to your gym through recommendations and word of mouth (you could even implement a referral scheme as an incentive!).    

Possible ways that you can do this are signing your attendees up to an email newsletter or by setting up a Facebook group.   

Maximise your space   

Balancing the need for a lot of equipment with ensuring your gym has an efficient layout and adequate space can be difficult. However, at Keiser, we don’t think you should have to compromise on any element of your indoor cycle studio. 

Some indoor cycle bikes can take up a lot of room which means you can’t get as many people into your spin classes as you would like. Therefore, your spin studio needs a compact but perfectly formed solution. Keiser bikes are lightweight and allow you to make the most of your studio’s space- no matter how limited this space may be.  

Use top of the line gym spin bikes  

Your studio is only as good as your bikes, so it’s essential not to compromise on the quality of your equipment. Take the Keiser M3i Studio Bike for example. This spinning bike includes an impressive 72 gears, allowing riders to precisely tailor their resistance in smaller increments to find the optimum intensity for their workout. The Keiser M3i Studio Bike is also self-generating, with a supercapacitor powered by pedals situated in the hub of the bike. This means no cords and no batteries- so you get a more streamlined workout than ever before.  

Make your classes interactive and personalised   

Engaging with your classes is key to taking your indoor cycling studio to the next level, as your attendees become more involved with the experience and therefore increase their enthusiasm and effort. This energy is contagious and will ensure that your studio is vibrant and bustling. A great way to do this is to empower your class members to track their progress in real-time with indoor cycling apps, such as with the M Series App, where participants can easily track their rides in precise detail on the Keiser M3i Studio, M3i, and M3i Lite bikes. This allows participants to personalise their workouts, based on improving their own personal best.  

Get regular feedback from attendees   

Whether it’s through in-person surveys or online forms in your communications with your attendees, feedback is crucial to see where you can improve your spin studio. Something as small as an upgraded class playlist could make all the difference! This is essential research, which will help you understand whether your attendees require different equipment, to have certain accommodations made for them in classes, or would like a new format of class. With this knowledge, you can take your studio to new heights.   

Put on a variety of classes for all abilities   

Increasing the variety of classes that you put on can make your indoor cycling studio a much more appealing option to prospective attendees, as a wide range of classes makes your pool of potential class goers much larger and varied. Not only this, but pulling in these new joiners will have excellent impacts on class morale. Having a diverse group of participants in classes that suit their abilities and objectives can open the door for your studio being seen as an accessible, versatile, and welcoming place.  

If you want to discuss how Keiser equipment can elevate your studio to the next level, with our industry-leading range of indoor cycle bikes, get in touch for a commercial gym quote here.