A Guide to Maintaining Commercial Gym Equipment

If you’re investing in high-quality commercial gym equipment such as Keiser, you’ll want your equipment to last as long as possible. As a gym equipment supplier at the forefront of the fitness industry, Keiser is proud to have unrivalled durability. 

However, to enhance gym member experience through effective equipment maintenance, there are some key steps to take in maintaining your machines- no matter what supplier you choose.  


Regular inspections of your equipment 

For the safety of your members, you should check your equipment for any faults regularly and it’s crucial that all staff are trained in this. 

If someone discovers a fault that is more technical or complex to resolve, you should always bring in an expert to resolve this- whether this is an electronic issue or a problem with height or speed adjustment. This ensures that you remain compliant with equipment warranties and reduces the risk of staff or member injury. 

For your inspections, a weekly schedule is the minimum to ensure that your machines are running effectively. These should also be serviced by professionals every month to ensure all finer details are taken care of such as intensive internal cleaning and lubrication. 

Things to look out for include: 

  • Loosened bolts and screws 
  • Stiff moving parts 
  • Malfunctioning electronic displays 
  • Any visible damage to the machinery or its components (such as handles, ropes, and weight adjustments) 
  • Safety measures not working (such as emergency stop buttons) 
  • Anything a-typical for that piece of machinery, such as unusual noises or missing parts 


Do your research 

Depending on what gym equipment supplier you use, it’s vital to investigate the best practices for maintaining your chosen machines. This involves all staff thoroughly understanding the equipment, including any resources provided by the manufacturer. 

This is because all gym equipment is made differently, so all will require a tailored maintenance schedule. 


Opt for a cable-less option 

Wear and tear to exercise machine cables is all too common, as they’ll often be walked over by members and staff which can cause damage. While cable hiders and protectors are good solutions, cables still must be maintained as part of your regular maintenance schedule. 


Clean your commercial gym equipment 

Neglecting to thoroughly clean your equipment not only makes for an unhygienic facility, but it also can negatively impact the performance of your machines- as dirty equipment is more likely to overheat.  

Dirt and sweat can erode the metal on your machines, contributing to wear and tear (and unsightly rust!) much faster. Therefore, cleaning throughout the day and professional monthly deep cleaning of internal components are essential. 

Some machines, like the Keiser M3i, have features that resist erosion from sweat, using a rear fly wheel design to control the flow of sweat around the bike. 

Your staff naturally must ensure all cleaning standards are kept up to scratch, but your members can assist with this too. Keeping cleaning sprays, paper towels, or cleaning wipes in easily accessible places in the vicinity will prompt members to clean their equipment. 


If you do all this, your members will thank you- as you’ll be preventing their injuries and supporting them in achieving peak performance.
However, if your equipment isn’t industry-leading then maintenance can only do so much for your members’ fitness outcomes. 

If you need a gym supplier that you can trust to enhance member satisfaction and retention, get in touch with Keiser and we will ensure you exceed expectations.