Are cross trainers good for low-impact workouts?

For both home gyms and commercial gyms, the cross trainer (or elliptical machine) is a staple due to its versatility and benefits to overall health. This is an excellent machine for beginners, those in recovery for injuries, and athletes alike. Don’t just take our word for it though- Elliptica are such elliptical-advocates that they are solely specialised in this area: 


Why a cross trainer is a safe full-body workout 

With your feet remaining stationary throughout the duration of your exercise, a cross trainer puts less strain on your muscles and joints than machines like a treadmill or a stepper machine. Ultimately, this is the best way to prevent injury. 

The main muscle that an elliptical trainer targets is the heart! By getting blood pumping around your body, you’re promoting your cardiovascular health and taking measures to stay healthier for longer.  

Your upper body muscles are put to work too, strengthening your arms with every stride- specifically targeting your biceps, triceps, chest, and back muscles with every motion of the handlebars.  

Your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves also feel the benefit of a cross trainer workout, due to the pedaling and striding motions involved.  

(Pro tip: for an even more intense lower body workout, simply loosen your grip on the handlebars and make your legs do the work!) 

If you keep good posture and your feet flat on the pedals, you’re in for a safe and effective whole-body workout. 

What are the features of Keiser’s elliptical machine? 

The Keiser M5i Elliptical Trainer is so compact that it’s perfect for both home and commercial use. In terms of what sets it apart from other cross trainers, this simply is their phenomenal performance-enhancement impact. No other elliptical machine on the market has the same advanced capabilities, such as:  

  • Standing, whole-body workout for better posture and safer exercise 
  • Convenient and interactive display 
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology to connect to your smart devices 
  • Magnetic-resistance technology, meaning less wear over time 
  • Smooth, quiet mechanics 
  • Shorter stride-length, meaning greater elevation is possible which reduces stress on the body 
  • Dual placement stationary handles 
  • Infinite resistance adjustments for a more customised workout  
  • Accessories tray, media holder, water bottle holder, and stretch pads 

When it comes to our cross trainers, quality is their competitive advantage. To get a complete breakdown of the features that put the M5i Strider above the rest for both home and commercial gyms, take a look at our full product sheet.