Choosing the right cardio machines for your gym

Versatility, quality and safety, and functionality- the core principles to keep in mind when searching for the right cardio machines for your gym.  

The variety of cardio gym equipment on offer can be staggering when you’re looking for the right cardio machines to outfit your gym or health club. So, if you’re overwhelmed with options, it’s best to go back to your organisation’s mission and vision, especially your goals around member experience. By incorporating a varied set-up, high-quality machinery with the highest standards of safety, and practical equipment, you’re putting your facility in the optimum position to meet your clients’ needs.  

For all cardio equipment, versatility, quality and safety, and functionality are the core concepts to keep in mind during your selection process when considering your members’ experience. 


All cardio machines offer different benefits to users, so it’s essential to have a wide variety of versatile cardio options available to your members. For example: 

  • A treadmill is the superior choice for someone training for a race, but looking to be slightly easier on their joints by avoiding the road; 
  • An exercise bike is the best option for someone working on defining their calves and quads; 
  • The elliptical is a great low-impact way for users to incorporate aerobic exercise in their workout routines
  • Rowing machines also allow for a full-body workout with less injury risk than many other methods, such as sprinting

It’s therefore key that you have a variety of cardio machines in your gym to cater to all your members’ goals and preferences, as well as versatile machines that can be used to achieve your members’ fitness goals. This is not all to consider when ensuring variety and versatility in your gym, as you’ll likely want to include stair mills, steppers, and other forms of cardio gym equipment.

So, extensive research and talking to any existing members about what they’d like to see is crucial. From this, you can expect to learn the gaps in your cardio set-up and how you can increasingly meet your members’ needs to boost your satisfaction rates and referrals!  


The quality of your machines is key to your retaining your members and keeping their satisfaction rates sky-high. You’ll have to consider the quality of their features and if they are up to date with innovations and trends in the fitness industry. For instance:

  • What resistance levels are offered? Having cardio machines with many different options for resistance allows your members to customise their workouts, helping them find the perfect resistance level to help them achieve their fitness goals.  
  • Does the machine have a strong motor? These can accommodate for faster speeds, should a user require them. 
  • What are the components of the material made of? Will they last? Go for durable options, such as steel. 
  • What are the consumer and commercial reviews of potential options? It’s essential to check out what other facilities are saying about equipment before purchasing, as this ensures that you’re investing in a dependable brand.  
  • What will the user experience be like? Is the machine ergonomically designed? This is crucial to ensure your members are comfortable on your machines. 
  • Does the machine have safety features, such as emergency stop buttons? This is essential to protect your members.  
  • How long is the warranty? A longer warranty often signals a high-quality and long-lasting product.

These are just a few things to consider when assessing the quality of cardio gym equipment. With Keiser’s up to 10-year warranties, you can see the real value of durable cardio machines, including ellipticals, exercise bikes, total body trainers, and steppers. 


Practicality for both gyms and their members are vital factors to take into account when considering what cardio equipment to invest in. As gym equipment can take up a great deal of space, it’s important to maximise this by opting for compact and spatially efficient equipment. You should also examine if there is anything about the composition of the machine that causes a safety concern, such as excessive cables.  

A further consideration is how easy the machinery is to maintain, as any time your team can save on maintaining your machines is like gold dust. Consider how easy the components will be to clean, as well as if the machines are made with corrosion-resistant materials.  

Additionally, an emergingly popular functional capability is the ability to connect to fitness apps and devices, such as the Zwift app, so your class attendees and gym members can track their progress interactively and precisely.  

At Keiser, we have been supporting gyms and health clubs to exceed the expectations of their members for decades. If you’re a gym looking for an equipment partner that strives for excellence and aligns the perfect products to each gym’s vision and mission, get in touch today.