Functional fitness equipment- the all-in-one gym equipment

What is functional fitness? 

Functional fitness is a form of strength training that primes and prepares your body for the essential movements that you need to make in daily life. Typically, the motions associated with this include: 

  • Twisting 
  • Pulling 
  • Pushing 
  • Squatting 
  • Bending 
  • Lifting  

Effectively, any motion that mimics an everyday movement can be classified as functional fitness. Functional fitness is far more focused on maintaining good form and stabilising yourself, as opposed to explosive movements and building strength.  

For instance, using a hip abductor is not classified as functional fitness as this doesn’t require you to stabilise yourself- nor does it mimic everyday movements. Therefore, this exercise has limited positive impact on your mobility in everyday activities.  

Whereas a deadlift movement can be classed as functional fitness as you must stay balanced, and this closely mimics the motion of lifting something up off the floor. 

Functional fitness can be helpful for athletes practicing their movements- such as a golfer practicing their swing- but also is perfect for those in rehabilitation practicing their everyday movements.  

What are some examples of functional fitness equipment? 

Generally free weights are used for functional fitness, such as kettlebells and medicine balls. However, there is a better more versatile alternative. The Keiser Functional Trainer is a cable machine with a difference.  

This all-in-one workout equipment allows you to train at any speed with almost any movement. Its cutting-edge features include: 

  • Complete control of resistance levels, with unrivalled consistency 
  • Virtually zero shock loading 
  • It takes up less space than other functional equipment alternatives- to have the same capabilities in your gym, you’d need several pieces of free equipment 
  • The possibilities for your functional training are endless, with any load, any speed, any plane 
  • The cables provide versatility for any and all workouts 
  • It is suitable for all abilities and all fitness levels- from professional athletes to the deconditioned 

 What are the benefits of functional fitness training? 

So, why should people train with functional fitness equipment? Using all-in-one workout equipment designed for functional fitness naturally creates a versatile and diverse workout experience.  

The benefits of functional training include: 

  • Trains and strengthens muscles in a sustainable way 
  • Improves your balance and posture 
  • Improves movement holistically, rather than isolated muscles- this can improve overall quality of life 
  • Burning calories and improved physique 
  • Better flexibility 
  • Improved prospects for rehabilitation post-injury- functional training actually began with physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals, helping their patients recover after surgeries and injuries 
  • Joint pain can be alleviated due to the regenerative process of building your muscles around everyday movements 
  • Your connective tissue is strengthened alongside your muscles, reducing your risk of future injury 

Functional fitness can fit into all gym members’ wider fitness plans, being incorporated into both circuits and more explosive strength training. Any gym that has a functional area or space for a cable machine should consider investing in a dedicated functional trainer for their members.  

The Keiser Functional Trainer is an essential component of gyms to accommodate all abilities, as well as to provide gym members with all the functional fitness equipment they need to improve their quality of life. Why not see for yourself and discover our full infinity series of functional trainers.