What home cardio equipment do I need?

When choosing your ideal home cardio equipment, it’s vital to get a clear idea of your fitness goals and the limitations presented by your space at home. Balancing these two factors will create the ideal gym set-up that doesn’t take up too much space (or annoy family members!). With the right home gym workout equipment, you’ll have little need to visit a commercial gym again...

Why invest in home cardio equipment?

Cardio equipment is one of the most popular choices for your first piece of home gym equipment. This is likely due to the versatility of these machines, being suitable for all fitness levels, and the endorphin-boosting effect they have!

Home gyms are a great option if you’re short of time or have responsibilities at home such as children or pets, as workouts can be just ten to fifteen minutes if that’s all you can spare- and you don’t need to travel to the gym. There are also often less distractions than in a commercial gym, and it can be a more comfortable environment to exercise for many, as a public gym can make people feel self-conscious or even overly competitive. You can also play your music or podcast out loud! The belief is often held that it can be hard for people to motivate themselves in their home gym, as you don’t have other gym-goers spurring you on. However, with the right equipment, a set schedule, and positive affirmations, getting the most out of your home gym will become second nature.

Here are some outstanding examples of home gym workout equipment to excel in your cardio goals:

1. Our M3i Studio Bike is our leading model of indoor exercise bikes. This is largely due to its compact size and immersive rider experience through its ‘Ride by Colour’ display. This brings the indoor cycling class experience straight to your front door!

2. However, sometimes you just can’t beat a classic. Our M3i and M3i Lite bikes are both the products of over a decade of refining and excelling above the rest of the indoor bikes on the market.

3. If the reason you’re looking to create a home gym environment is the accessibility issues related to getting to a gym, then our wheelchair stepper is ideal for either rehabilitation or a more comfortable workout at home, working well with most mobility devices or a standard chair.

4. If you’re looking for a low-impact workout you can do at home, then look no further than the M5i Strider Elliptical Machine- especially if space is a compromising factor as treadmills take up a significant amount of room. This elliptical is compact without compromising on its effectiveness and ease of use.

Not found what you’re looking for in this blog? Visit our full range of best-in-class home gym workout equipment to find the machine that will achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to optimise your speed or endurance, investing in a Keiser home gym machine to feature in your home cardio set-up will have excellent outcomes for your long-term fitness and health.